Creating Healthy Balance… what this is about for me

Hey everyone, so here I am starting this blog called Creating Healthy Balance and some may wonder what that is about. Well honestly I’m still working on figuring it all out myself, I’m still ‘creating’ what my healthy balance is. It’s a journey to a Healthier lifestyle, a Balanced lifestyle.

I have for years been plagued by my own thoughts about having to lose weight, get rid of that flabby tummy, tone, just get skinny…..UGH!

It has been a long process but reading books and listening to podcasts and taking courses offered by health care professionals in my community I have been learning about body positivity and using that to re-frame my mindset. I am learning to accept and love my body for what it is – It’s Not Easy for me – but I know my body has done amazing things and I need to appreciate it for that.

Now that being said just because I am trying to be positive about my body at its current stage doesn’t mean that I am giving up on being Healthy or Losing some weight. No, I am on a journey to create Healthy Balance. In the past, I have tried a few different “Diet’s”. I have read so many Diet books and cookbooks and written out so many meal plans with ingredients I have never heard of before all in the name of ‘getting skinny’. I have gone on the diet plans and paid so much money to Weight loss programs and gym memberships. Ugh, I’m just done with trying to figure out some new diet.

I have always stayed away from the super restrictive diets that have you eliminating entire food groups from your diet. I have always felt that they wouldn’t work for me. I have seen others close to me who have done some of those type of diets and do really well….. until, they ‘fall of the wagon’, have a bad day that turns into a bad week and then before they know it they are eating the same way they were before starting the diet. Or the friends that do really well and follow the program and lose all the weight they want to and are so happy and excited, but now what, special occasions or holidays come and out the window all the ‘rules’ go because they are not on the ‘diet’ anymore, before they know it weight is coming back on and the yo-yo continues. For me I was never willing to give up certain food groups – Carbs are way too good to give up…no thank you!! I am done with the roller-coaster yo-yo diets! 

So what is this Healthy balance I am trying to create, well over the past couple years I have been working on figuring that out.  It started when I was about 5 months postpartum with my 2nd baby, I was struggling with my body since having baby and the company I was working with started a 90 day challenge that focused on healthy meals and some body movement. I signed up and that was the beginning.  At this point I was still focused on the scale and every time I’d step on the scale I would get disappointed when it didn’t move. I did however keep with the program and the biggest thing that I was focused on was portion control.  I was learning how to properly balance my plate with whole foods.  I would be making my menu plans for our family meals – which makes making dinner so much less stressful, I love making menu plans now (more about that later!)  Looking at my plate and ensuring I had Protein, Fruit/Vegetables, Starch & Healthy Fats at each meal.  

Shortly after I found a group that was all about ditching the Diet Culture and working on healthy habits.  Incorporating one or two healthy habits at a time and not being restrictive.  I started listening to a couple of their podcasts and what they were talking about really hit home with me.  This is a group of women that I needed to listen to more.  I absolutely love the message they are spreading.  Body positivity, being healthy at any size, health does not mean you need to be restrictive, how to implement healthy habits that will stick and so much more fantastic advice.  I absolutely love the Balance365 group.  

Those are a couple of my main areas that I have started focusing on.  Balanced meals that are not restrictive, creating more meals at home using whole foods, but also not feeling like I’m failing some ‘diet’ because we went out for a meal.  As well at the same time I’m working on ditching that ‘diet’ mindset – that’s a hard one folks! But as I continue I find myself understanding a bit more.  Learning Balance by not only eating clean, healthy meals 100% of the time but, that you can have those meals out or dessert. Everything in moderation!  I am learning to not think of food as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, or thinking I need to eliminate ‘bad’ things from my life.  I have ice cream with my kids on a hot day, I will celebrate every Birthday of all my family members without guilt – even though we have A Lot of birthdays in September! I  All the while remembering that moderation doesn’t mean go eat all the Poutine and IceCream I want all the time, that is not moderation either.  As well as remembering that exercise should be enjoyable. It really can be anything that gets you up and moving, if you enjoy the movement you are doing your more likely to continue to commit to it.  Exercise should never be used to punish yourself for food you’ve eaten!! 

And Finally Mindful eating.  Really listening to my body at each meal and in between as well.  This has been a tough one as I grew up like a lot of others where we had a clean your plate rule.  Well that had really stuck with me into adulthood and even when I fill my plate with too much food I still find myself cleaning my plate and finishing it all no matter how awful I feel after.  I have been trying to slow down and really notice how I am feeling while eating, if I’m getting full reminding myself that it’s OK if I don’t finish it all I don’t need it! 

So that is really what I am working on right now when I say I’m Creating Healthy Balance.  Finding that happy place in the middle where I am mindfully eating healthy meals but also allowing for the freedom to enjoy life’s indulgences.  Not feeling defeated by a scale or by a clothing line’s tag on a pair of jeans.

So in this blog I will be sharing recipes and talking about my journey, sharing wonderful new tools that I learn along the way that we can use to really enjoy that Balanced Lifestyle.  The recipes I want to share will be ones that are some of our families favorite recipes.  Recipes that we have always loved and I have maybe tweaked a bit to make sure they are wholesome and balanced. As well as some recipes that are new to us that have become instant favorites.  I will of course also share some of my favorite family treats because…Balance!

Hope you all enjoy the blog!